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It was identified at the AGM that there exists a 'gap' in the activities provided by HTC for all new members who are either taking up the game for the first time, are returning after a substantial absence or consider themselves not up to playing in the Wednesday night social sessions and also existing members of a similar mindset.
The idea of this course is to meet these demands and to help keep new members year on year thus helping the financial footing of the club as well as developing players to become team members in the local league

Course definition:

  1. The course will be open to members AND non-members.
  2. The course will be a flexible 6 week course.
  3. The course will run every Sunday afternoon from 2pm to 4pm (weather permitting).
  4. Participants will be encouraged to attend weekly but will be able to spread 6 visits to suit.
  5. The course will be free to members and will be £3 per session for non-members. Once a non-member has attended 6 times they will be obliged to join HTC if they wish to continue with the course and other activities with the club. The full membership fee will be reduced by £18.
  6. Rackets and balls will be supplied by HTC where required.
  7. The course will be supervised by a HTC commitee member.

For more details please contact Simon Hennell on 07834 088 038 or via

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