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Highworth Tennis Club enter teams in both the Summer and Winter Leagues of the Swindon & District Tennis League. The Summer league consists of 9 Men's divisions, 5 Ladies' divisions and 6 Mixed divisions and there are 5 divisions in the Winter league

The Summer league format consists of teams of 2 pairs and 8 sets of doubles make up each match. The Winter league format is slightly different inasmuch there are still 8 sets at stake but these comprise 2 x Men's doubles, 2 x Ladies' doubles and 4 x Mixed doubles.

Summer matches are played in the evenings, most Men's matches are on a Monday, Ladies are mainly on a Tuesday and mixed are on a Thursday and the usual start time is 6:30pm although clubs with floodlights can elect to start at 6:45pm.

Winter league matches are determined by the home team who choose a day for all their home matches and declare it before the commencement of the league but matches are predominately Sunday mornings circa 10:30am start but some teams choose to play their home matches under floodlights during the week and Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays tend to be the most popular.

All matches vary in length but generally last between 2 to 3 hours.

Highworth Tennis Club are able to offer team places to suit all standards.

For more information, contact: Simon Hennell 07834 088 038 or via

Chair: Mitchell Bakos

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